I–Metro Membership

All the Indian Metro Companies including RRTS Indian Companies (present and future) are eligible to be members. Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Member Companies shall be nominees (by default) in the Society. Further, Member Companies are entitled to nominate one more person in the Society.

Patron Member: The Governing Body has the power to appoint one or more Patron members of the Society. The Patron members shall not be required to pay any fees.

Member Companies shall pay Rs. 10,00,000(10 Lakh) as onetime fee for Membership. In addition to this Member Companies shall pay an annual fee of Rs. 10,00,000(10 Lakh)(no proportions) before 30th of April every financial year. The Governing Body has power to revise the membership fee (one time and annual) from time to time. However, officials of MoH&UA holding positions on ex-officio basis shall not be required to pay any fees.

Kindly convey your willingness for joining the I–Metro Society to The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), I–Metro, 1st floor, Anand Vihar Metro Station Building, Delhi 110092. E-mail: imetro.india@gmail.com